What Is Cough Syrup?

Cough syrup is a medication used to control coughing. Many people look for cough syrup medication whenever they experience a cough, but have no idea about the kinds of cough syrups available. It is important to realize that taking a medication not recommended for your specific problem can only serve to prolong and intensify the symptoms. In order to avoid taking the wrong medication, it is important to learn more information about cough syrup, together with the precautionary measures to take when on the medication.

Uses of Cough Syrup – As we’ve mentioned earlier, cough syrup is effective in treating various types of coughs. Cough syrup consists of medicinal liquids. Cough suppressants help manage a dry cough. Codeine and DMX are the common ingredients in many anti-cough medications. Codeine and MDX makes these medications addictive if used for a prolonged time.

Cough suppressants help to relax mucus. They may also contain another ingredient commonly termed as quaifenesin so as to raise phlegm from the user’s lungs.

What Is Cough Syrup?

Types of Cough Syrups

  1. Cough syrups can be classified as either nighttime or daytime.
  2. Daytime cough medicines should have no codeine since they are likely to cause drowsiness.
  3. On the other hand, nighttime cough medicines frequently contain a sleeping aid like codeine. They seem to have longer effects so as to allow a whole night’s sleep.
  4. Most available cough syrups last for about 7 hours, but there are those that can last for 12.
  5. Off-the-shelf cough syrup may be used to treat a recurrent cough. However, in case symptoms do not subside after 3 days; make sure that you contact a health care provider to find a more powerful and helpful cough syrup.

Precautionary Measures – Kids aged below 2 years should never be given cough syrup without the knowledge of a healthcare provider. Never drink any alcoholic beverage while consuming any kind of cough syrups.

Abuse Potential – Cough syrup contains a high abuse potential simply because it is cheap and easily available. Moreover, administration of cough syrup is easy, giving desired sensations within a short period of time. Young people are the most affected groups as far as cough syrup abuse is concerned. They often look for information on how the drug can be abused to provide greater and faster effects thanks to the internet.

Individuals suffering from cough syrup abuse should consider professional treatment. This will allow them to quit taking the medication in a benevolent and more comfortable way. Without medical observation, the process can be very agonizing.

Cough syrup may cause a number of side effects. These include Allergic Responses, like breathing problems, swelling of the throat, tongue, lips, or even the whole face.

Serious side effects of cough syrup are severe lightheadedness, anxiety attacks, trembling, hallucinations, and dissociation. Seek medical assistance if any of these side effects occur.

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