Cough Syrup Abuse Withdrawal

Medication cough syrup provides effective relief to recommended users and a high sensation to abusers.

Also referred to as “lean,” syrup abusers combine cough syrup with a small amount of alcoholic beverage or soda and swallow the mixture so as to obtain a slow soothing effect. While the drug is commonly used in many households in the United States, especially during winter. Experts observe that the drug is gradually becoming a big problem in the country, especially among teenagers.

Being reasonably inexpensive and providing a narcotic-similar high, it contains potential for abuse, just like other opiate drugs. An overdose can have fatal consequences. Because it contains both promethazine and codeine, the drug depresses the user’s central nervous system. These two ingredients heighten the high sensations received by the abuser.

Cough Syrup Abuse Withdrawal

Such an effect boosts the dangers associated with the drug, as the two substances hinder the normal function of the respiratory system. There are a number of death cases that have been reported having been brought about by use of too much cough syrup at the same time. However, these scary instances seem to offer no warning message to the regular cough syrup abusers.

Regular users of cough syrup medication develop a dependency on the drug. There are several true cases of people who have even become addicted to the drug after just one instance of abuse. Once dependency creeps up, abusers will require consuming the medication a number of times each day and tolerance crops up, making the users look for the medication and use multiple amounts in order to satisfy their recurrent cravings. This doubles the dangers of cough syrup abuse.

Occasionally, many people who have already experienced the cough syrup symptoms attempt withdrawal with no success. A cough syrup withdrawal is similar to heroin addiction withdrawal and brings about many symptoms, including:

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Stomach upsets

These symptoms can last for a number of days before they settle. Cough syrup withdrawal can be very painful, especially when the process is self-monitored (cold turkey method). That’s why you should seek professional treatment 800-303-2482 if you or a loved one wants to undergo cough syrup abuse withdrawal. In an ideal world, anyone undergoing cough syrup withdrawal should receive medical support throughout the process.

Cough syrup withdrawal starts with detox, a process that facilitates the removal of all cough syrup substances from the patient’s body system so as to eliminate cravings for the drug. Detox is never simple, but many rehab centers help to ease the process by providing appropriate prescriptions and therapies. Professional cough syrup abuse withdrawal ensures that the process is humane and tolerable.

Nevertheless, even after withdrawal, individuals may experience relapse if they do not gain the necessary therapies. Therapy comes in form of individual and group counseling.

Those suffering from cough syrup abuse are advised to look for medical treatment for enhanced comfort and safety.

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