Cough Syrup Abuse Signs

Cough syrup abuse is said to be using very large amounts of cough syrup prescriptions so as to achieve high feelings. Such feelings are brought about by using a high dosage of dextromethorphan (DXM), which is an active ingredient commonly used in several cough prescriptions. This kind of drug abuse is very dangerous, especially when it is continued for a lengthy period of time.

Knowing how to identify the cough syrup abuse signs can help you seek assistance for a person you are anxious about. But what are the signs to look out for when you suspect that a family member is abusing cough syrup? Substance abuse professionals believe that the signs of cough syrup abuse are the same as those exhibited by individuals who abuse any other drug, regardless of whether it is legal or not. The following are some of the key cough syrup abuse signs to watch out for:

    Cough Syrup Abuse Signs

  1. Performance – Is the performance of the person in school or work deteriorating? In many cases, substance abuse can make an A student get a poor grade or even drop out of class. This shows that cough syrup abuse is an obstacle that should be avoided at all costs. A teenager may disregard the need to hand in homework in time, overlook reviews ahead of major exams, and miss lessons. Those who are employed may perform below the expectations of their employers and complain about poor pay and working conditions.
  2. Changing Friends – Has the person ceased accompanying their customary friends? Do you see them with people who are totally new to you? Do some of the new individuals make you ill at ease? A person who abuses drugs regularly will leave customary friends, particularly when they do not have the same behavior.
  3. Mood Modifications – Do you notice mood shifts in a loved one? Are they becoming suddenly irritated without any explanation? What new things do you notice about their health? Do they stay alone and separate themselves from the rest of the family? This is a key cough syrup abuse sign. You may have found out that the person likes spending a lot of time alone.
  4. Routine Changes – Do you realize that their day-to-day routine has changed greatly? Has their look greatly changed? In most instances, people who abuse drugs will not find time to shower or wash their clothing. As a result, they will keep putting on the same garment for a number of days without explanation. They hygienic standards will be comparatively low.
  5. Secretiveness – Do you find it difficult to tell where and how your loved ones spend their free time? Individuals who have developed a dependency on drugs will spend most of their time in search of additional doses. Usually, they will not want their supposedly secretive activities to be known to former friends, let alone family.

All these are all irrefutable signs of cough syrup abuse. If you have observed some of them, please seek help 800-303-2482 as soon as possible.

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