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Cough syrup abuse normally entails taking cough syrup in combination with candy, alcohol, or soda in a blend referred to as “syrup” or “syrup”. The chances of cough syrup abuse are enhanced by the presence of several ingredients in the mixture. Healthcare experts are concerned about the risks of these ingredients being habit-forming. While it may be accepted on social grounds, this drug drink has led to numerous cases of overdoses and drunk driving. Being an opiate, cough syrup can be extremely habit-forming. Insomnia, irritability, and incapacity to function without the drug are some of the warning signs and symptoms that necessitate cough syrup abuse treatment.

Individuals under the influence of cough syrup experience sensations that are similar to the ones caused by PCP or LSD. Close to 150 of the cold and cough medications accessible over the counter include dextromethorphan. Abusers of this substance require immediate treatment at a suitable rehab facility. As a matter of fact, cough syrup abuse brings about several symptoms that warrant hospitalizations. For instance, in 2008, approximately 8,000 people were hospitalized as a result of various problems brought about by cough syrup abuse.

Cough Syrup Abuse

Analysts suggest that cough syrup abuse has been on the increase for the last four years. This has been greatly contributed by the drug’s alleged safety, easy accessibility, and the desired euphoric feelings. In its efforts to reduce cases of substance abuse, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) can limit the availability of these drugs. One way to achieve this is to make the drugs available only on prescription basis. The other way is to disallow sales to people under age 18.

At the moment, there are no restrictions from the FDA. However, this is a problem that needs consideration. During the 70s, the FDA decided to ban the sale of over-the-counter cough syrups containing codeine because of the risk for abuse and addiction. Codeine contains properties that are similar to those of dextromethorphan. Nevertheless, when individuals find prescription cough syrup containing codeine, a number of people decide to utilize it to make their syrup.

Individuals get cough syrup medication containing codeine over the internet. There are online pharmaceutical stores that ask for identification and prescriptions even if they have not been certified as a qualified health care provider. Individuals affected by codeine abuse problems may think that it is alright taking the syrup on the argument that it is medicine. However, it is important to note that excessive amounts of codeine can have a negative impact on the user’s central nervous system as well as reduce the activity of the lungs and the heart.

Abusing or misusing cough syrup that contains codeine can be very dangerous. Codeine falls under the opiate group of drugs and contains similar properties to those of heroin or morphine. Codeine depresses many normal body functions and can bring about death.

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